Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm not really one for high-waisted garments - I think that skirts and shorts that don't sit on or just above the hip have a tendency to ride up and I absolutely loathe having to constantly pull at my clothes throughout the day in order to have them sit nicely on my body. Despite my anxiety that high waisted shorts in flowy fabrics will ride up, exposing too much of my leg and create an unflattering wedgie look on my bottom, I couldn't resist these paper bag shorts from Dotti. Dotti for me has historically only been a go-to for cheap but good quality basics, however I've branched out and bought dressy tops and shorts from the label this year and have found myself never walking past a store without having a look first. Here's the shorts - I'll post a picture once I wear them and let you know how they wear throughout the day:

Dotti 'Harlem' Paper Bag Shorts - $49.95

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