Thursday, December 22, 2011


Where do you keep your make-up?
My method of organising my make-up has changed over the years. As a teenager, I'd get ready sitting on the floor in front of a mirror (nothing has changed there) but would leave my cosmetics lying all over the carpet until I could be bothered to put everything back into my dresser drawers, which also contained such things as notes from classmates and a rebellious cigarette or two. But I also had a mum who liked to "check in" (yes, that's what she called it) with her children in a quiet, mysterious way that could otherwise be mistaken as snooping and so I learned more inventive ways of hiding things, like by cutting a rectangular hole in the pages of an incredibly boring looking book that no-one in their right mind would care to read... Anyway, that's a story for another time. If my mum's reading this: Come back to the computer - the search operation you are about to commence is redundant. That book was discarded long ago! Love you, Mum!
So, after leaving some pretty heavy duty stains on the carpet from bronzing, blushing and flakings from eyeliner pencils (top trick: nail polish remover is the best solution for removing eyeliner from carpet!), I graduated to keeping everything in the kind of make-up case you'd use when traveling. I'd be frustratedly fossicking through the bloody thing trying to find the stub of an eyeliner or an itty bitty eyeshadow. After a while, the case and all my lovely make-up was covered in eyeliner and face powder and so I started to keep my make-up in a couple of lovely, small rectangular wicker baskets. One for the foundations, powdery face stuff and eyeshadows and the other for pencils and brushes. I am now storing everything upright and where I can see it, in a clear acrylic cosmetic organiser. Similar versions here and here. Everything has its place now and my make-up is safe from spills and smudges. I still keep a lot of make-up in the bathroom cupboards - things I don't use often such as sparkly eyeshadows, heavy foundation and body bronzers... Here's my make-up and how I organised it this morning:

Yes, sometimes I use a couple of mascaras in the one 'sitting'

FYI - I'm man enough to admit I have a playboy deodorant :-|

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