Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Ever since I journeyed to the UK and Europe, I have bemoaned the sad state of Australian fashion retail. Approximately four years ago, I was acquainted with the UK High Street, where stores such as New Look, H&M and Primark - to name a few -  sell the latest fashion and accessories at small-change prices. The result for customers is bulging wardrobes and non-repetition in their daily dress-up routine. It amazed me how some of my friends over there with incomes of next to nothing, dressed better than most people I know back home. They could afford to wear brand new clothing and accessories frequently and look like they stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. It feels as if Australia is sort of catching up. I have noticed that stores are finally living up to the word "Sale", discounting storewide - even new release garments - instead of only marking down items that have been difficult to sell throughout the season. Online shopping has no doubt had an impact on the retail sector and what seems to be the result is more "disposable fashion" outlets popping up across the nation - customers are probably more likely to walk into a store if they know they can get more items for their buck. I was pleasantly surprised after popping down to my local Westfield today and picking up some great bargains. While I am yet to see beautiful clothes and accessories  at literally small-change prices, I did take home a few items that I could justify buying in place of, say, a main course at a restaurant. This is what I came home with:

Novo Wedges - $30.00
Forever New iPhone Case - $19.99 and Cuff, $14.99

JUNK Shorts - $39.00

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