Wednesday, February 15, 2012


For a long time now I have shied away from the gym. These are the excuses I gave myself:

-The pain and exertion is too hard to face
-I'm unfit
-I'll just go for a walk/jog
-I can exercise on the living room floor
-It's boring
-I don't know enough exercises
-I'll go later
-I'll start tomorrow
-I'll just eat less

While I do plenty of exercise in the way of walking, push-ups, dips and sit-ups, I know that my body can handle it pretty well and I have been known to stop while I'm still feeling comfortable... it's quite literally a walk in the park for me. Pushing myself through a gym routine causes me to sweat, sends my heart rate through the roof and my muscles feel really well-used afterwards. I know that this means visible results.

Funnily enough, this eerily accurate Birthday Astrology site, which allows you to read an astrological profile for the exact day you were born, said that those born on my D.O.B "may not possess the high energy level of other Leos. Even when they do feel good about themselves, they are somewhat indolent and may shy away from exercise"... I am determined not to be lazy and to challenge what's written in the stars, because we all know that zero effort means zero results - in and outside of the gym.

Pushing myself for a few weeks and cleaning up my diet a little will help me achieve the results I am after, and results you can see generally helps you in committing to a journey of health and fitness for life. My apartment complex has a very small and cramped gym but there is plenty of equipment for me to achieve my goals. I hope to include some of my little routines in a later post, with moves you can do in your living room if you don't have access to a gym.

Meanwhile, if you're on pinterest, check out my page - I've got a board devoted to fitness (and diet) which includes some pins that I have found useful and inspiring.

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