Thursday, February 23, 2012


1. Bright Nail Polish! Who doesn't get excited when they see loads of brand new colours at the OPI counter? This one's called Atomic Orange:

2. Sparkly Nail Polish... Glitter and I haven't been seen together since high school, but I'm not averse to getting behind this new nail trend. Meet 'Teenage Dream':

3. Long-lasting lip shades. I ran out of this product just the other day and decided to re-stock. It's a perfect light pink that allows me to wear my darker smoky-eye look without looking like I've overdone it. I'm not one for constantly reapplying lippy or gloss and I love to wear a lip shade so this just right:

4. Fresh, clean smelling cleansers... There's nothing worse than putting something on your face that smells like it should be used for the dishes. This one has a delicate, beautiful fragrance and leaves my skin feeling baby smooth:

5. Mixing up the exercise regime with a workout DVD. This is good for people like me who are a little uncoordinated at choreographed workout classes. I can make mistakes in the comfort of my own living room - BONZA! Not only are workout DVD's good for the time-poor, their very presence on your DVD shelf helps you to take a more proactive approach to exercise. It's likely you'll think to yourself: If I have time to sit on my behind and watch trash TV for the rest of the night, I've got time to get up and move along to one of these babies for the next hour:

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