Monday, February 27, 2012


For anyone interested in equipping themselves with plenty of moves they can take to the gym or even do at home, I have the very magazine for you! This sounds like a sales spiel, but I have absolutely nothing to do with any publications or PR co's: this is just another thing I have found exciting and helpful and want to share with you here.

I recently purchased what I believe to be a workout bible: Oxygen's 2012 Workout Annual. It's comprehensive, explanatory and has neat little tab dividers so you can easily flick to the section containing moves for the body part you want to work out. Did I mention it also has a workout journal so you can plan your gym session and track your progress. 'Cause isn't it the case that those who fail to plan, plan to fail? ;-) 

Some of the more popular magazines in the health/fitness genre bombard you with a whole lot of advertising, pointless feature articles and "page filler" stuff and I always close the magazine thinking I haven't really taken much away from it to justify the money I just spent.

Oxygen is written by fitness professionals and geared toward people who are serious about fitness, so you know what you are getting is the real deal. But rest assured it's absolutely non-intimidating and, in my opinion, actually better for those starting out. It's instructional, in-depth and informative and basically the closest thing to having a personal trainer: if it's the body of your dreams you're after, it makes sense to pick up a magazine that is actually made for the purpose of teaching people how to sculpt their bodies and keep weight off in the long-term.

If, like me, you're disillusioned with most health/fitness magazines, don't see the value in buying them on a monthly basis, but want some decent fitness moves and information to develop your training and diet, run on up to your newsagent and grab the Oxygen 2012 Workout Annual. Happy training!

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