Wednesday, February 15, 2012


You know how yesterday I said my better half had a surprise up his sleeve for Valentine's Day evening?


We went to see Rod Stewart live in concert!

Our night started with frozen margaritas and Mexican food (one of our favourite indulgences) followed by one of the coolest, nicest performers in history serenading an Entertainment Centre full of loved-up Valentine's :-)

My favourite bits, aside from phenomenal performances of all his best songs, were:

-Mr Stewart kicking footballs into the crowd for an entire song

-His little son breakdancing on stage - too cute! The little guy also wished us a good night and everyone's hearts melted :-)

-RS talking us through his recent family photos, which included pictures of his baby son and grandson both kitted out in Celtic FC merchandise. They are big Celtic fans like the boys in my family.

-The band... Oh my goodness. The electric guitarist had a very injured, plastered hand but that didn't stop him wowing us all, song after song. The same goes for the drummer and his epic drum solo, the singers and of course the lovely looking ladies with their violins, saxophones and trumpets. Playing an instrument is cool!

-At the very end, red and white balloons were dropped from the roof and into the crowd... James' mission was to get one for me, and he did.

It was a Valentine's Day so amazing I couldn't have dreamt it and will certainly never forget it!

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