Saturday, March 31, 2012


A quick post before I jump in the shower and get ready to go see 'A Dangerous Method' tonight.
Today I woke up early and had coffee with my sweetheart at home before getting our sneakers on and walking into the city to enjoy some sun and an impromptu picnic... I realise how grateful I am to live in such a stunning city:

Cute florist shop in our suburb

Walking down Oxford street we happened upon a quaint, secluded garden cafe with a musician playing...

... And a sketch artist drawing!

Steppin' Out...

Hyde Park style!

 I looked, salivated, then walked away. Smart.

Hers: Eggplant Salad

His: Thick, sweet yoghurt and delicious crumble (we ate this in Hyde Park, where we used to sneak off to on our lunch breaks when we first met)

This wedding venue and decor: the stuff of dreams and Pinterest! 

Have a great weekend! xxx

Friday, March 30, 2012


If you're a regular reader here at Anna Savanna you'll probably have noticed I am likely to include a nail varnish as part of any fashion or beauty post. I'm obsessed with the stuff. Which is strange, given that I only wear it on my tootsies as I can't tolerate the sight of it on my fingernails. But I haven't admitted defeat just yet: I am still seeking the perfect shade, that colour that makes me look like one of those polished hands that gets hundreds of thousands of repins on Pinterest:
Images from Amarixe and Pinterest

Anyway, I digress. The reason I'm writing this post is because very soon we are all going to have the chance to strip off our shoes and show off our pedicures as we roam barefoot for one whole day! All for a good cause, of course.

April 10 is One Day Without Shoes, a global campaign from TOMS to raise awareness of the millions of children at risk for disease and infection as they grow up without shoes.

Nail polish brand essie has teamed up with TOMS in support of the campaign which has attracted support from celebrities such as Charlize TheronDemi Moore, Olivia Wilde, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, to name a few. The latest celebrity to lend their toes to the campaign is Stacy Keibler, George Clooney's leading lady whom I think bears a striking resemblance to two of Australia's belles de jour - click here to see what I am talking about.

Images from Mail Online

So how can you show your support on April 10  for One Day Without Shoes?

Join the movement by:
  • Visiting the website: check out the apps and toolkits - cool profile pics and FB timeline banners available)
  • Checking out TOMS' Facebook page: or essie's Facebook page:
  • Go without shoes!  Show support by posting a barefoot photo or brief video online showing your bare feet
  • Link and share!  Post your participation in social media outlets and tweet using "#withoutshoes"
I'm looking forward to seeing plenty of creative nail art and support for this clever campaign... 

And if you're a polish fiend, don't forget to enter my glamorous giveaway!


The Inspiration:

The Products:
Bag: Balenciaga Arena Classic City
Lipstick: MAC 'Lady Danger'
Boots: 'Surpass' by Therapy - available at Wanted Shoes
Haircare: Redken Color Extend Shampoo + Conditioner
Nail Polish: OPI 'Red My Fortune Cookie'

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I love gift giving. Correction: I love gift-giving most of the time. Buying anything for my boyfriend is really stressful because he has just about everything he could want or need and, while I could never disappoint him, I always want to buy him gifts that are life-changingly useful or just super dooper impressive. Said life-changing gift also needs to be something he would never have thought of and probably hasn't heard of either. There's a great difficulty in that, believe me.

But luckily for you guys, I love giving girly gifts. I could do it til the cows come home. Til the cows come home and tell me that I've overdrawn my bank account, in fact. So I don't need to tell you how I love hosting my first ever Anna Savanna Product Giveaway  - you can just picture that on a banner at the 'County Fair' (ha!) - and that someone out there (Ausralia only, sorry folks) will be opening a gift from me very soon!

I had heard good things about Zoe Foster's novel 'The Younger Man' but not being much of a chick-lit person, didn't think I'd get around to reading it. Then I saw her being interviewed and was instantly endeared to this articulate, classy, cute and confident young lady. Oh and did I mention she has a hilarious tumblr page? So, not only have I got myself a copy of her novel, I bought a second copy to  give to one of you lucky people as well! But that's not all... Scroll down to see the rest of the goodies up for grabs:

Yep, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. I'm also giving away a Strawberries & Milkshake Hand Lotion from I Love... and the fabulous, perfect shade of pink polish, OPI's 'Pink Friday'.

So how do you get your hands on this pile of pink pressies? Leave your email in the comments form (they will be visible only to me and not used for any other purpose outside of this competition) and I'll draw a name at random next Friday, 6th of April. The winner will be notified by email and shall expect their package in the post the very next week.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Follow me via Bloglovin' for more chatter from me and to be the first to know about any more giveaways I've got up my sleeve!

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-Wearing in my new orthotics and bright shiny trainers. For years I have wished Asics would release Kayanos in precisely these colours and now here we are. Glorious.

-Reading fitness magazines, trying to get my groove back. Yep, I just said that. But I'm also seeking the same delight and excitement I used to get when I would buy a magazine in the past. Now we get all we need instantly from blogs and websites, so magazines can seem kind of redundant. Times like these present a good challenge for writers and editors.

-Buying my coffee from Coffee Trails at Central Station on my uni days. I give them big ticks for service and consider them the best coffee shop in proximity to my uni. And I should know, I used to be a coffee critic ;-). Some baristas take a moral objection to making my coffee extra hot for me, but these guys are cool with it. Live your life, do what you gotta do - that's kind of how I imagine their motto goes. Plus yesterday they even had Leonard Cohen playing over the music system. They're awesome. Enough said.

-Back at the gym... Shins are still a bit ouch-ey when I use the bike so I'm existing on a diet of weights and muscle busting at the moment. Nice to be doing something though.

-Attempting to make some healthy 'buzzword' food. Think: 'raw', 'detox' and so forth. All the other kids are doing it, right? I found a Magic Bullet hiding at the top of the kitchen cupboard so I used it to create a dressing from scratch. Added it to shredded cabbage, julienned beetroot and even a bit of apple, just for fun. Eating this way feels good. Guiltless. Virtuous... Here's a link to the recipe I used. You can play around with the quantity of ingredients - I wanted even quantities of beet and cabbage so I used much more beetroot, plus I used a blender for my dressing. Salads are hard to get wrong, so have fun and don't limit yourself ;-)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Inspiration:

Top to Bottom: Sweaty Betty PR whiz and author of 'Strictly Confidential', Roxy Jacenko's coffee table; Ottoman from Brabourne Farm Life; Image from Lonny Mag; Final Image: Source Unknown.

The Products:

... Play around with flowers, vases, trays, candles, trinket boxes, plates, bowls or knick knacks you've accumulated over the years to achieve a look that reflects your own individual taste and style.

Irreverent, Paris versus New YorkVanity Fair all available from Chanel 3 Book Set exclusive to Assouline.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm a girl with a big imagination. Huge. Living in my head has historically been so much more exciting than real life that I had to be careful not to indulge in daydreaming too much, lest it make me disappointed with the world outside. Having a big imagination means having really, really exciting and vivid dreams. I don't remember all of them but usually, the things I see while sleeping and the experiences I have in my dreams have absolutely zero chance of ever occurring in real life. And that's really disappointing! 

The closest thing to my wild imagination and even wilder dreams is when some other soul with a huge imagination takes the time to write a book or produce a film about all the crazy thoughts they've had. 

But never in my life have I walked away from a film thinking it was in any way better than my dreams. Not until The Hunger Games came along.

In a nutshell, this film takes every fantasy and adventure film, book or television show you ever loved growing up (Spellbinder, Tomorrow When the War Began, Harry Potter, Twilight, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - to name a few), mixes it with your wildest imaginings and, like an amazing dream in which you're soaring high above the rooftops, makes you wish it would never come to an end. Walking out of the cinema on Friday night, I had to console myself with the knowledge that there would be other Hunger Games films to look forward to in the future. This is one film you simply must see.

Images: Murray Close


****Update: Bloom Cosmetics Lipstick in 'Princess' is now the only pink lippy I'm reaching for as I walk out the door. It's a winner! The cosmetics I feature on this blog I purchase myself and review objectively.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


This time last year I was a horse racing 'virgin'. Growing up in a small town and riding horses on weekends was, in my opinion, an enjoyable but not terribly glamorous experience. I therefore couldn't see the excitement in dressing up only to watch a few horses run around a track. Sure, I understood the thrill in hopping on a horse and cantering through the bush for hours and hours, but watching someone else do it wasn't my cup of tea. I also believed that people dressed up to go out to special places: restaurants, fancy bars, weddings or parties - but race tracks? To me, that didn't seem like the most logical place for a lady wearing their best dress and high heels.

Around that time I also met the Mr., who is basically a fountain of knowledge and experience when it comes to horses and racing so, suffice to say, it was with him that I experienced my first day at the races. How all my previous beliefs were shattered as I sat in the stands at Randwick Racecourse one very fine Autumn day.

Sitting on the edge of your seat as you cheer your horse to the finish line is hugely exciting in itself, but getting dressed to the nines, sipping on champagne and basking in the crowd's collective excitement makes the experience that much more special. 

This Saturday Rosehill Racecourse played host to Myer Ladies Day,  the beginning of Sydney's Autumn Carnival. It was a last minute decision to go, so we didn't doll up, sip wine or sit in the cushy section but the experience was no less fun. 

I took a bunch of iPhone pics of the day - you'll see we had a bit of a "fairground" experience this time - hot dogs, frozen treats (some alcoholic) and, of course, witnessing the usual silliness that goes on on a hot day when girls and boys quench their thirst with the wrong kind of liquids ;-)

I'm sure you'll see more horse race-themed posts as the year progresses, but here's a small taste of our little day out at Rosehill Gardens yesterday. If you've never been to a horse race here in Australia, I suggest you grab your favourite people and make a day of it. Check out to find out where and when to go for the excitement, fun, glamour and horseplay (hehe) that is Aussie Horse Racing.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Today I found two essential items for the make-up cupboard. If you're stuck for a light pink lipstick for when you're wearing a smokey eye, then Bobbi Brown 'Bellini Pink' is one you might like to try. 
I'm wearing it in the picture below with a smear of clear gloss on top. 
Next must-have is the pastel pink to rival all pastel pink nail lacquers: 'Pink Friday' by OPI. 
I tested it on my nails but because of a botched (and I mean botched) self tan job, the picture of my hands didn't turn out too well. I do guarantee you can take my word for how good the colour is, but I'll upload a picture at a more - shall we say - convenient time ;-)


I have a little sister and I love her dearly. She lives interstate so I don't get too see much of her, but we are still as close as sisters can be. I love that she wants to send her big sister "outfit pics" before she trots out the door to go to school or work ...She should so start her own "outfit of the day" blog!

She looks a bit like me but is a whole lot more trendy, intuitive and adventurous when it comes to fashion. I also have to add that she's probably the funniest girl you're ever likely to meet:

Isn't she wonderfully beautiful and stylish? The bottom right hand picture is how she styled herself to go to her part time job waitressing at a trendy burger bar. Hip!

In case, like me, you have also fallen in love with the little booties she's wearing, they're the 'Castro' Boot from Rubi Shoes.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


...Well, only one of my purchases can be considered truly therapeutic: the sneakers will give my new orthotics the best chance at helping my poor painful legs out. 
Trainers: Asics Gel Kayano 18
Perfume: Chloe Eau de Fleurs 'Capucine' (half price at strawberrynet)
Batiste Dry Shampoo - yippee for the new tinted brunette variety


A burst of hot pink flowers - a cheap but hugely effective way to liven up an otherwise fairly monochromatic space:

Images from Pinterest