Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Bought my sweetheart the not-so-easy-to-track down Romance Silver by Ralph Lauren.

This is by far one of the greatest men's colognes out there. I don't know how I let it slip my mind when I wrote this list of must have men's fragrances last year. It's sexy, masculine and addictive. It's the sort of fragrance that makes you compelled to lean in again and again to smell it, it's so good!

I also bought the newly-released Scandaleyes from Rimmel. I don't normally purchase Rimmel mascara as I am a devotee of Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express but I had seen how HUGE the brush was on this chubby orange baby and decided to see whether I could be persuaded to make a switch. Shall let you know shortly...

*** Update: Tried the mascara - it's not for me. But that's not to say it's a bad mascara. It certainly adds length but it's suitable for those who are happy with one or two coats and not super-thick lashes. This has a soft brush, which doesn't suit my needs as I prefer a brush that evenly separates the lashes and gives it a baby doll, falsie look. I found that with this particular mascara, my lashes ended up flaky and spidery looking after my usual 3+ coats.


  1. Your partner is so lucky....not only because you bought him a lovely gift but because he now gets to have you "lean in" on him more often.

  2. What a lovely thing to say! But I consider myself much luckier than him - he's perfect!


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