Saturday, March 17, 2012


I had the opportunity to see Margin Call last night and I was absolutely blown away. When it comes to financial institutions and the GFC, this is THE film you need to see. It resists the sensationalism, stereotyping and simplification of Wall Street that Hollywood normally produces and instead is the most intelligent portrayal of the financial industry since the highly acclaimed 2010 doco, Inside Job. 

I worked in an investment bank once and the time I spent observing the employees and organisational dynamics filled me with great empathy and admiration for the people whose job entailed making huge decisions with equally huge consequences for a huge amount of people. That's incredibly simplified but after seeing the wide skill set, intelligence and unparalleled work ethic that these employees were required to possess debunked any idea of investment banks as places filled with cowboys or preppy kids with a birthright.

The characters you see in Margin Call resemble the reality of those institutions and the people within it far better than any film of the same genre. Each and every actor came from a place of total emotional truth and understanding of the characters and the unique situations each individual found themselves in. It's a perfectly executed piece of cinema. This is an essential film for 2012 and beyond.

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