Thursday, March 8, 2012


...Wasn't that a precious sight at the Chanel Show? The little boy is Hudson Kroenig, three year old son of male model Brad Kroenig. Read about Hudson here. Images like that inspire me to daydream about my own potential children - at one point or another I think we all picture how nice it will be to have our own children someday that we smother with kisses and cuddles, go on little adventures with, snuggle up and read stories to... Or maybe it's just me who's thought that far ahead! I think most of us at least imagine how much fun it's going to be dress them up in cute little outfits that make them look like tiny little adults:

Inspired by the little ones above (pictures from here and here), I searched for the latest kids pieces and put together this little collage of 'tiny little adult' clothing for girls and boys:

Top Row:
Country Road Top 29.95/ Witchery Shirt 49.95/ Seed Pants 49.95/
Betts Shoes 37.49;

Second Row:
Country Road Shirt 49.95/ Seed Shirt 49.95/ Country Road Jeans 59.95/ Converse Shoes;

Third Row:
Seed Knit 69.95/ Bardot Tee 20.00/ Country Road Pants 54.95/ Betts shoes 55.00;

Bottom Row:
Country Road Vest 69.95/ Seed Top 29.95/ Witchery Jeans 49.95/ Witchery Shoes 69.95.

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