Friday, March 23, 2012


I have a little sister and I love her dearly. She lives interstate so I don't get too see much of her, but we are still as close as sisters can be. I love that she wants to send her big sister "outfit pics" before she trots out the door to go to school or work ...She should so start her own "outfit of the day" blog!

She looks a bit like me but is a whole lot more trendy, intuitive and adventurous when it comes to fashion. I also have to add that she's probably the funniest girl you're ever likely to meet:

Isn't she wonderfully beautiful and stylish? The bottom right hand picture is how she styled herself to go to her part time job waitressing at a trendy burger bar. Hip!

In case, like me, you have also fallen in love with the little booties she's wearing, they're the 'Castro' Boot from Rubi Shoes.

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