Monday, March 5, 2012


Yes, folks. I have just discovered Picasa. You must think I've been living under a rock for the last few years. Judging by some of my recent aches and pains I might be inclined to think that too. My debut picasa piece is devoted to the lovely Kate Beckinsale who I believe possesses the best hair (or hair stylist) in Hollywood.

Yesterday, I decided it was going to be a wavy hair kind of day. My hair is naturally very kinky and curly but I am attached to my hair straightener and rarely wear my hair anything but p-p-p-poker straight. If I'm going to wear waves, I like to keep them neat and deliberate... My hair in the image below was created using my GHD and is far softer than my natural wave and a lot straighter than I'd ideally like to wear waves:

A further search through the archives of my facebook and I found some more ideal looking waves - just try to ignore the posing and my sozzled state:
A tip on creating waves with your straightener: they are going to drop considerably once you start moving around. As soon as I left the house on Sunday, my hair was almost straight. Best to aim for curls and after a few hours you'll have perfect structured waves like Ms. Beckinsale.

Try this link for a very short video on achieving perfect soft curls using a straightener. Or here if you're keen to do it old-school with a curling iron.

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