Monday, March 12, 2012


My weekend brought me:

-Blue skies and the chance to wear a super cute (and only $12.00) singlet from Supre as I ran errands on Saturday
-Delicious, organic and gluten free cake at my friends birthday
-Fresh vegetable juice (always with ginger or lime for better flavour)
-HIVES! I broke out on the way to the party. It was gone as quickly as it came. Still, puzzling...
-A challenge to myself (after eating sweets and not-so-goodies while we were away in Newcastle): I will steer clear of sweets until Easter. Stores are already full of mouthwatering Easter chocolates, cakes and other sweets (yep - Easter is getting so much more commercialised now) and I've found myself justifying buying and eating them even though Easter is still a few weeks away! Tsk tsk...

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