Sunday, March 25, 2012


This time last year I was a horse racing 'virgin'. Growing up in a small town and riding horses on weekends was, in my opinion, an enjoyable but not terribly glamorous experience. I therefore couldn't see the excitement in dressing up only to watch a few horses run around a track. Sure, I understood the thrill in hopping on a horse and cantering through the bush for hours and hours, but watching someone else do it wasn't my cup of tea. I also believed that people dressed up to go out to special places: restaurants, fancy bars, weddings or parties - but race tracks? To me, that didn't seem like the most logical place for a lady wearing their best dress and high heels.

Around that time I also met the Mr., who is basically a fountain of knowledge and experience when it comes to horses and racing so, suffice to say, it was with him that I experienced my first day at the races. How all my previous beliefs were shattered as I sat in the stands at Randwick Racecourse one very fine Autumn day.

Sitting on the edge of your seat as you cheer your horse to the finish line is hugely exciting in itself, but getting dressed to the nines, sipping on champagne and basking in the crowd's collective excitement makes the experience that much more special. 

This Saturday Rosehill Racecourse played host to Myer Ladies Day,  the beginning of Sydney's Autumn Carnival. It was a last minute decision to go, so we didn't doll up, sip wine or sit in the cushy section but the experience was no less fun. 

I took a bunch of iPhone pics of the day - you'll see we had a bit of a "fairground" experience this time - hot dogs, frozen treats (some alcoholic) and, of course, witnessing the usual silliness that goes on on a hot day when girls and boys quench their thirst with the wrong kind of liquids ;-)

I'm sure you'll see more horse race-themed posts as the year progresses, but here's a small taste of our little day out at Rosehill Gardens yesterday. If you've never been to a horse race here in Australia, I suggest you grab your favourite people and make a day of it. Check out to find out where and when to go for the excitement, fun, glamour and horseplay (hehe) that is Aussie Horse Racing.

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