Thursday, March 29, 2012


-Wearing in my new orthotics and bright shiny trainers. For years I have wished Asics would release Kayanos in precisely these colours and now here we are. Glorious.

-Reading fitness magazines, trying to get my groove back. Yep, I just said that. But I'm also seeking the same delight and excitement I used to get when I would buy a magazine in the past. Now we get all we need instantly from blogs and websites, so magazines can seem kind of redundant. Times like these present a good challenge for writers and editors.

-Buying my coffee from Coffee Trails at Central Station on my uni days. I give them big ticks for service and consider them the best coffee shop in proximity to my uni. And I should know, I used to be a coffee critic ;-). Some baristas take a moral objection to making my coffee extra hot for me, but these guys are cool with it. Live your life, do what you gotta do - that's kind of how I imagine their motto goes. Plus yesterday they even had Leonard Cohen playing over the music system. They're awesome. Enough said.

-Back at the gym... Shins are still a bit ouch-ey when I use the bike so I'm existing on a diet of weights and muscle busting at the moment. Nice to be doing something though.

-Attempting to make some healthy 'buzzword' food. Think: 'raw', 'detox' and so forth. All the other kids are doing it, right? I found a Magic Bullet hiding at the top of the kitchen cupboard so I used it to create a dressing from scratch. Added it to shredded cabbage, julienned beetroot and even a bit of apple, just for fun. Eating this way feels good. Guiltless. Virtuous... Here's a link to the recipe I used. You can play around with the quantity of ingredients - I wanted even quantities of beet and cabbage so I used much more beetroot, plus I used a blender for my dressing. Salads are hard to get wrong, so have fun and don't limit yourself ;-)

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