Saturday, April 28, 2012


... That's how I am feeling at present. Absolutely overflowing with the stuff! You see, my boyfriend was promoted at work just the other day. He's the most hard-working man I have ever known but despite the time he spends working, he somehow finds the energy to come home and shower me with love, kindness, affection and plenty of laughs. 

He's so intelligent and wise, one in a million and worth his weight in gold. But he's also totally humble and unselfish so he'll never talk about his achievements or seek praise. The very least I could do was send him a little package to work. We've already overdosed on chocolate since Easter so a chocolate hamper was out of the question and I couldn't very well send flowers so I decided upon cupcakes... 

...The card and lottery ticket (a chance at $50 million, no less!!!) are from my beautiful wee mum who is staying in Sydney with me at the moment. Thanks mum :-)

So, to James, my soulmate, my love and my life: WELL DONE! You deserve every good thing that comes your way. I know you don't like this picture but I think you're the most handsome man I have ever seen and this is THE BEST PHOTO that I've ever taken! (Thanks again possum for the new camera)

P.S. These glamorous, delicious cupcakes were from Sparkle Cupcakery. When I called to place my order, the staff were sweet, friendly and I got the impression that they were pretty efficient too. As they had assured me, the package arrived on time, perfectly packaged and filled with some of the best cupcakes we've ever tasted. I think they deserve this little plug!

Sparkle Cupcakery
132 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills
02 9361 0690

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  1. How thoughtful of you! This is the sweetest post...

    Heather xx


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