Saturday, April 21, 2012


Just so you know, I'm cringing at that headline too...
I'm going to start this post by telling you some interesting, or at least odd, facts about me:
1. I can alphabeticise almost any word instantaneously
2. I am hell-bent on routine: it keeps me sane
3. I’m not very good at following choreography: dance-related fitness classes are not my idea of fun.
4. I never win anything. EVER.

See the fact at number four? I can now run a big, fat, indelible marker line through it, bringing my list of “interesting things about me” down to three items.
Oh dear. Three items. Not good for someone who isn’t keen on odd numbers!But my despair needn't be long-lived: Number 4 will now be: “I don’t like odd numbers very much.” Problem sorted.

I can see you rolling your eyes as I get carried away here. But I'm just so full of glee (and caffeine)! See, the reason I'm blogging today is because I am desperate to share my excitement about finally winning something. And not just one something: I won a big fat parcel of somethings!

I recently hosted a giveaway that included a copy of Zoe Foster’s The Younger Man. Coincidentally, a few days later, Ms. Foster hosted her own book giveaway with just about EVERY SINGLE BOOK she has ever written. I know what you’re thinking. And please get that nonensical notion out of your head:  Zoe Foster couldn't possibly have taken my idea and capitalised on it like that. That's plain conspiracy theorising, guys.

Back to Zoe’s competition. I actually felt like I was in with a chance with this one: the winners weren’t to be selected by a random number generator (competitions like that just put me off) -  no, getting one’s hands on such a glorious prize required skill, imagination and humour. I was up for the challenge:
And here was my (very grainy) picture entry. Note also the virtual chuckle I received from the author herself: 

Despite a big "YES" accompanied by a really juvenile and OTT arm pumping motion after seeing that my entry had elicited not just a capitalised "lol" but a big, overflowing LOLCANO, I had to remind myself that there was still a few days left of the competition - time for plenty of other entries that could sweep mine under the carpet.

But you know the punchline already - I was one of four "very clever" winners:

This morning, my bounty arrived. Everyone loves getting a big brown parcel with their name on it, but four shiny, new books in a big brown parcel... Now you're talking my language!


  1. Have fun with the books!

    I hope you are having a great weekend.

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  2. great blog! The layout of the books is so beautiful that I want to read riht now! :)

  3. This is a lovely blog - it is hard to think how looking in a dirty sports bag could maybe help make it better

    1. ...That was my lovely boyfriend who didn't realize he was commenting in my profile. The sports bag contained a brand new camera! Blog post and better images to follow! So chuffed and grateful!


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