Thursday, April 19, 2012


Gooooooood afternoon!
In case you can't detect my tone, I am over the moon!
I've handed in the last of my excruciating (3000 words - eek!) assignments and now I have almost two weeks of holidays to look forward to.

When I have an assignment to do, I go into hibernation until the task is complete. It's as if I can't really enjoy everything the outside world has to offer when I know I have work to do. I know it can't be study 24/7 but normally I leave things to the last minute so I am left with little choice. While I could be more prepared, I find I work so much better under pressure. Don't you?

Aside from very brief trips to the shops, cinema or uni, I allow myself a few in-house treats to get me through the day. This is a (somewhat generalised) portrait of my life lately:

...How do you get through a difficult study period? Or are you more prepared than I am when it comes to tackling assignments or work tasks?


  1. Have a great break! It sounds like you've earned it!

    Heather xx

  2. hahaha we sound like the exact same person! last minute every time. hope you're enjoying that amazing freedom!


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