Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello blog-lovers!

Today has been an absolute whirlwind for me and I've been unable to blog because I have so much uni work to do. I promise to post as soon as I finish the assignment I am working on. Meantime, fancy checking out some of the blogs I follow?
Elevator pitch: In a nutshell, this is one of the cutest, hippest young families around. Highly aspirational stuff! Please don't click on the link if you're prone to cluckiness.
Elevator pitch: What's not to love about Swedish bloggers? Malin Richardson is the girl behind this blog. A young, designer-clad entrepreneur living in Stockholm, Malin gives us a glimpse into her covetable lifestyle. As well as that, she blogs frequently. Love her stuff.
Elevator pitch: Lauryn Evarts is a fitness instructor and self described skinnista. If you're pinning pictures of really attractive healthy foods and gym-fit glamour girls on your pinterest page, you're going to love Lauryn's site.
Elevator Pitch: Rosie is passionate about desserts. So passionate that she eats dessert daily, sometimes even twice a day. The result of such dessert-love? One of the sweetest, most inspiring baking blogs around.

But if you also kind of like hearing what Anna Savanna's up to, you could follow me using Bloglovin' -  the very best way to keep track of your favourite bloggers:

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And, another reminder to leave your e-mail in comments field (visible only to me, I won't use them for any other purpose) for the chance to win my Pink Package Giveaway. It's open to Australian residents and includes Zoe Foster's novel 'The Younger Man', a Strawberries & Milkshake Hand Lotion from I Love... and the fabulous, perfect shade of pink polish, OPI's 'Pink Friday'

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