Sunday, May 6, 2012


I'll start from the very beginning...

I woke early after a very long and much-needed night's sleep and made my way to the kitchen to start my day the healthy way: with a glass of hot water and lemon (good kick-start for your system, even without lemon) followed by some ground flaxseed! You can read about the health benefits of flaxseed here. Most recommend sprinkling it on your cereal, but I don't mind it with a little bit of water to soften it, before digging in with a spoon. It's as nutritious as it is horrible to look at!

Not long after my well-intentioned start to the day, James went to get the newspapers and brought back a breakfast I couldn't resist. On weekends, it's cruel to deny oneself a bite or two:

We took our time before getting into our 'sweats' to head out for a walk. We didn't mean to match!

Here's one of James' first snaps of me using my new camera. I was a bit camera shy and self-critical at the beginning, so I was determined not to turn around just yet:

... But after we figured out how to use 'self-timer' we were on a roll! We don't actually have many pictures together, but this is now one of my very favourites:

Isn't he handsome? Speaking of handsome, what about these houses, gates and pretty planters we stumbled upon? 

... Then, out of nowhere, we found a little nature reserve, which was like a small piece of Australian bushland in inner Sydney!

... Then it was off to the bay for juices and a little rest:

The afternoon sun prompting us to feel a little restful, we headed home for movies, munchies and a cuddle on the sofa. Why can't every day be like Sunday?

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