Thursday, May 10, 2012


Photo of the Day for today is a favourite word. While I actually don't think this is even a terribly nice looking or sounding word, it is a word which represents something very special to me.
When James and I first fell head over heels for each other, I showed him this image of me and two of my siblings sitting at a memorial in a Victorian country town:

My brother and sister had added this picture on facebook and joked that in thirty years time, we'd go back to this spot and that my brother would be a dentist, I'd be a socialite (yeah, right) and my sister would be a butch-looking forestry commissioner called "Chippy". I laughed until I cried reading their facebook comments and anecdotes, then forwarded them to James to give him an indication of the crazy conversations that take place between me and my siblings.

He asked me where the picture was taken and I told him it was Colac. We found out later I was incorrect and it's actually Camperdown (from memory!) but James commented that he hoped we'd be together by the time the Colac reunion came about. In the early days there were some hurdles and any time we met these hurdles, James would simply ask: Colac??? I would always reply with 'yes', because the only thing I knew for certain I wanted in thirty years time was for us to be together. 

So here's the word of the day, a favourite word for me and, coincidentally, the name of someone's property in our area:

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