Tuesday, May 1, 2012


... to James, my mum, dad, and siblings for how wonderful they have been this past week. I haven't been my usual self and the beautiful people in my life have rallied around to provide me much support, love and kindness. From taking over the cleaning, cooking, washing and shopping to bringing me bunches of pretty flowers and loving gifts (so not necessary but very, very appreciated). I'm blessed to have loved ones with such listening ears and support that I know is always there when I need it. I've been taking a good lot of pictures lately with my new camera (below) and I thought I'd share some of the wee things that have made me feel healthier, happier and a little more calm this week:

1. Canon EOS 600D and Lens
2. Loving Earth Organic Products. Their activated walnuts (not pictured) are the best I've tasted
3. Piranha Chicca Chips - so addictive
4. Delicious salads my mum has been making
5. James helping with the housework
6. Candles. This holder was $12.95 from Bed Bath and Table
7. Surprise bouquet from mum and dad
8. Jurlique 'Tranquil Blend' essential oil for the oil burner
9. More flowers! Mum surprised me with these today - aren't the daisies a pretty touch?

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