Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This post title is a little misleading because I actually have not one but two bathroom cupboards full of skin, hair and cosmetic products. My downstairs bathroom is where I do my make up (you may have seen past posts detailing some of my must have cosmetics) and within the cupboards I keep a surplus of things I always use. It's handy to have back-ups for when you run out, right? 

I keep my hair and body stuff on the Top Shelf:

I always have a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo on hand for days when I can't be bothered doing the washing, drying and straightening routine. It soaks up all the oil and you can get away with tying it back for another day or running the GHD over any kinky bits for a 'just washed' look. 
Redken products rule! I use this All Soft Velvet Whip leave-in stuff to protect my tresses from all the heat it gets from styling tools. It smells terrific too! The entire All Soft range is worth investing in.
Redken Sheer Brilliance Glass Serum is perfect for adding shine and taming fly aways. Hot tip for a sleek finish: after straightening, rub some in your hands and gloss over your hair before blasting the fly aways downwards (in the direction of the hair shaft). I've been doing this for years after a hairdresser let me in on the secret and it works!
I keep the fragranced body creams from my favourite perfumes and use them after showering. They're potent enough that you barely need perfume!

Second shelf is face and skin stuff: 

St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot scrub is the only exfoliant you should buy. It's the best. Period. 
I have been using Neutrogena Oil Free Spf15+ Moisturisers forever now.  Trying to switch has never worked for me - this is absoultely non-greasy, cheap and offers sun protection too.
For skin primers - Napoleon Auto Pilot is the be all and end all. I've tried a lot and this is my pick! Your make up will last all day with this baby.
The blue bottle beside it is Estee Lauder 'Take it Away' eye and lip make up remover. It's gift from my best friend who has very top notch tastes and she says it's the bomb. As a wearer of heavy eye makeup and stubborn longlasting lipglosses, I have to agree it does the trick very well.
Everyone needs a bronzing body lotion. You haven't fake tanned?  Tan isn't as deep or as even as you'd like? Get this Sportsgirl Body Glow Instant Body Bronzer. It is 100% non-greasy, stays on (saving your clothes) and washes off with soap. Get on it if you haven't already!

Ahhhhh, the third shelf down: Tanning Territory. 

I've tried the lot and here lie my favourites: Sportsgirl 'The Tan Commandments' Bronzing Mousse - affordable, great bronze shade and ridiculously easy to apply. My favourite of them all. Next up St Tropez - it's not cheap but offers a very natural shade. I still buy Sportsgirl when faced with the choice but everyone's skin is different. 
The next one, Loving Tan, is a newbie to my collection. Tired with waiting 8 hours for a tan to do its work, I jumped up and down excitedly when I saw that this one has a 2-hour turnaround! Boom! Tried it last week, loved it, will be using it again. It's not as cheap as Sportsgirl but it's good, it's very good. 
Lastly, I also have a bottle of Xen-Tan. This comes in a spritz bottle (I prefer mousse), goes on a strange olivey green colour, is a tad expensive but I had to have it when I had read rave reviews about it. I've used it once and I'll definitely use it again.
Beside all my tanners is a crucial item: gloves. Latex, elastic-ey ones aren't as good as these food handling, soft vinyl ones. I simply won't tan without them - how can you explain away a tan on the palms of your hands?

Bottom shelf and we meet the nail products:

I'm an OPI devotee but for red nails, I always, always wear Rimmel's 'Riviera Red' - it's the perfect red shade for any occasion and no other red polish has ever stacked up when I compare shades side by side!

So there you have it folks, a peek into my cupboard and a couple of products I don't doubt you will have seen before and, if you haven't tried, are worth a shot. I'm a fussy consumer so hopefully these won't disappoint! I'm in the midst of a trial period with my beauty box samples, some of which have made the cut. Will let you know more when we go to the upstairs bathroom sometime soon! 


  1. I was drawn to your blog because of its name!! Im Anna too - but have stayed on here because of your posts, I love the pics and your writing style. I haddd to stop and leave a comment when I got to this one though, I cannot BELIEVE how beautifully organised your beauty cupboard is. Here I am thinking I'm organised - eek not compard to you. Love this!

    Anna xo

  2. Haha awwww thanks Anna! I love meeting new Anna's - there isn't too many of us!

    Thanks for the blog link - I love your blog!!! Your content is so fabulous and you write so well! I'll be checking in now that I've found it.

    As for the beauty cupboard - It can get messy but I always end up getting everything back in line when I do a big clean-up! It was funny when I met my boyfriend because he arranges everything in the exact same way. I had never met anyone who was the same as me in that OCD way. We aren't as bad now but it was kind of amazing/weird when we realised we were both as odd as the other :-)

  3. Hey Anna,

    Would you recommend the sportsgirl bronzing mousse for fair skin? I don't want to go crazy tan/snooki style but just a bit of colour?

    Your blog is awesome, I love it :) So good to find more Aussie bloggers :)

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  4. Hi Emilie,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the link to your blog - it's fantastic!

    I have fair skin and use the bronzing mousse but I apply loads and loads of it! Like not just one pump for my calves - about three whole pumps. My sister has similar skin but she always uses less tan than me and she always looks a nice colour. No Snooki Skin on either of us. And I use a LOT :-)

    Let me know how it goes! xxxx


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