Saturday, May 26, 2012


Who says in order to have a good evening you need to get dressed up and venture outside? For those of us in Australia struggling with the pre-winter chill, the thought of going outside literally sends a shiver down the spine. A night in doesn't need to be a dirty word - you'll save some money (as well as your liver!), your tootsies won't be compromised by high heels and you'll probably get to bed much earlier than if you wandered out, meaning more time to enjoy the next day!  My Friday night in included five essential ingredients: 

1. Get comfy! Get into your cutest, cosiest pyjamas.
No-one's saying you've got to look sexy!

2. Find the comfiest place to watch the telly. 
In my case it's our bed. The TV is literally at our feet:

3. Order in! 
Pizza is always a classic for a big night in. I went with Crust Pizza. Mine is gluten free and vegetarian, James' is Mediterranean Lamb... You don't need to travel far for a taste of Europe, my friends!

4. Get some entertainment. 
Obviously nothing suss implied there! Perhaps it's a marathon gaming session on the Xbox, a karaoke face-off or even a concert DVD. I tend towards plain old movies. This time, I chose a telly serioes - The Sopranos, no less. I've just discovered it and I'm hooked! It's super-awesome and you must watch it if you haven't. Those who have aren't raving about it for no reason!

5. Share the fun with a friend. 
I went with my bestie, who also happens to be my boyfriend (killing two birds with one stone :-p) Here he is after a loooong day at work. He'll be in pyjamas within minutes of this photo being taken.

And there you have it. My 5 ingredients to an enjoyable night spent at home... How do you like to spend your nights in? 

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