Friday, May 18, 2012


What am I going nutty over at the moment? Coconut Oil, is what!
I first heard of the benefits of Coconut Oil from a very good friend who has committed herself to a truly holistic lifestyle to heal herself from a serious illness. Not long after, I read about it on the popular blog The Wellness Warrior. Jess Ainscough is the girl behind the blog, a holistic lifestyle guru and cancer survivor who swears by the stuff for many different reasons. Here's what she had to say about Coconut Oil:

"Coconut oil is one of the most misunderstood health products on the market. It’s mostly shunned by health professionals because of the common misconception that all saturated fats are unhealthy. This is beginning to change though as the amazing nutritional and therapeutic benefits of the tropical oils which contain medium-chain fatty acids become better known.
This is what coconut oil does for you …
• Reduces risk of cancer
• Reduces risk of heart disease
• Supports immune system function
• Helps control blood sugar and diabetes
• Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
• Supplies important nutrients necessary for good health
• Contains fewer calories than other fats
• Stimulates metabolism
• Promotes reduction of excess body fat
• Helps prevent osteoporosis
• Has a long shelf life
• Is heat resistant (making it the healthiest oil for cooking)
• Helps prevent premature aging
• Helps prevent against skin cancer and age spots
• Functions as a protective antioxidant
Cooking with coconut oil is great as it is one of the only oils that will not turn rancid upon heating (unlike olive oil and flaxseed oil). Plus, it adds a delicious subtle flavour to your food. The added benefit is that you can also use it on your skin and hair! It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving. When you’re buying your coconut oil, make sure it’s organic, virgin, cold pressed, unrefined, unbleached, un-deodorised, and is not hydrogenated. Coconut oil hardens in cold weather, so place the bottle in warm water or the sun."
So, here's the Coconut Oil products I'm keeping in my cupboard. First I bought the Coconut Butter from Loving Earth (which I believe becomes oil when heated) and it was so good I literally started eating it by the spoonful! 

Impressed by the glorious smell and taste (I also used it to cook with) I knew I'd never go back to conventional oils so I thought I might as well purchase the very product Ms. Ainscough swears by, Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil from Nature Pacific. I had to purchase this one online and it came delivered the very next day! I'm one very happy customer :-) 


  1. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Now following you xx

  2. Thanks for checking in! I now have a new blog to follow on Bloglovin! Your holiday looks out of this world, Louise!

  3. Coconut water has long been a popular drink. It is refresh your mind. It is good drink in the summer.



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