Wednesday, May 16, 2012


... Essential oils! I have always loved Jurlique's oil blends - if you've ever walked into one of their stores where they've had an oil burner going, you'll likely agree that the smell is glorious. Think: day spa, close-to-nature stuff. I couldn't get my hands on them at David Jones or Myer (I think they are being phased out) and instead I bought this oil blend from The Aromatherapy Co:

While it's magnificent in it's own right, I felt the smell was nowhere near as strong as my beloved oils from Jurlique. I was using at least 20 drops to try to get an effect from this blend, as opposed to Jurlique oils where even a few drops make you go OOH! Luckily for me, I popped in to a Jurlique store in Bondi Junction and they had a whole selection to choose from - from single oils to oil blends. I think I might need to start blending my own - I certainly know my perfumes and I might just have some success making some of my own, if only for the house!

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