Wednesday, May 2, 2012


... Chocolate is usually a sufficient answer. In addition to some of the perennial chocolate options, I picked up a big block from Cadbury's new 'Marvelous Creations' range - Peanut Toffee Cookie flavour, to be precise. Let's just say I didn't stop at one piece. This is one block of chocolate you've GOT TO get your hands on. If, however, you're watching your waistline and have little in the way of willpower, steer clear! Your only other option - if you want to limit yourself to just a couple of squares - is to call the greediest, chocoholic friend you know and invite them over to 'share' it with you :-)


  1. Oh chocolate! I miss chocolate so much, but that looks delicious. Too bad I'm on a milk/dairy free diet because of my intolerance. The milk free substitutes just taste not nice at all lol. I'm waiting for the day they make milk chocolate without milk actually taste like chocolate! I would love it if you could stop by my blog too :) :)

    1. I must hunt down some good dairy free options. If they're good enough, I will post them here!

      Your blog is great - following you now :-)

  2. LOVE those! they look delicious :)


  3. yum! yum!

  4. Peanut toffee cookie? what a mean concept!
    Is that a Cookies & Cream KitKat?
    Wish I could get my hands on these two...
    Fantastic pictures! Thank you for posting them! :)

  5. Have to say I am not a huge fan of Marvellous Creations as I prefer the plain Dairy Milk Chocolate but we are selling lots of it!


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