Friday, June 8, 2012


Hey folks! So yesterday I told you about my brand new juicer and promised to post today's juice recipe. First up, I'd like to show you my essential ingredients for juicing. I know there's many more fruits, vegetables and sprouts I could be using, but I think this is a very good start!

I've got: Celery, Carrots, Cabbage, Silverbeet, Oranges, Cucumber, Apples, Beetroot, Parsley, Ginger and Lime. I personally find ginger or lime a GREAT addition to any juice - both are great for an added 'kick' to the palate, taking away that "vegie" taste that many can't stomach. 

So why juice in the first place? Many of us don't eat enough fruit and vegetables to enjoy their nutritional benefits,or we eat them after they have been over-processed or over-cooked (by this stage, much of their goodness has been removed).
Juicing happens to be a fantastic and easy way to absorb the nutrients of fresh fruit and vegetables. The enzymes, vitamins and minerals from all these fruits and vegetables are condensed into one glass of juice and, because they have been separated from the fibrous 'pulp', it means they are essentially 'predigested'. This means the nutrients can go directly into the bloodstream.
Juicing shouldn't act as a total meal replacement, however, as it is important to have fibre in our diets. So aim to eat fibrous foods (or blend fruits/veg into smoothies) in combination with juicing. Try also to make your juices primarily out of vegetables as fruits contain lots of sugar. 

I would love to discuss juicing for the next few hours but I worry I might bore you senseless. If you're interested in learning more about juicing, have a browse around this website.  So, as promised, I'm bringing you today's juice recipe, which happens to be one of my very favourites. I made 500mL of juice using:

A few leaves of Silverbeet
1 apple
2 carrots  
2 beets
1/4 of a lime. 
A good handful of parsley (not pictured - I added it in as an afterthought!)

What are your favourite juice recipes? Please share them with me!

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