Tuesday, June 26, 2012


In anticipation for my next big night out (namely my little sister's ENGAGEMENT PARTY!!!), I made a few purchases to give me the chance to create a perfect black and gold smoky eye look on the night.
I've already got a perfect black eyeshadow for the base but needed to hop online and choose a blow-your-mind gold shadow for on top. As I didn't have the luxury of a tester, I googled swatches online but couldn't make the choice between MAC's Goldmine (pressed) and Old Gold (loose). I got both, naturally.
As if pure gold eyeshadow wasn't glitzy enough, I also invested in Bloom's Glitter Eyeliner in Rising Star (a black and gold sparkly one). Can you picture it? Black and gold eyeshadow, a winged liner topped with a sparkly glaze then finished with big bangin' lashes... I'm excited!

...I'm quite taken with all of these items and haven't a hint of buyer's remorse! With all the beauty blogs and swatches online, you can get a fairly accurate idea of what to expect before you make an online purchase. When I was searching for these shadows I stumbled upon Goldmine first but when I compared it to Old Gold I realised the former might be better suited to daytime wear. For nights, Old Gold is pure, dripping, 24 karat perfection - it's unbeatable! What do you think of these beauty buys? Do you reckon I can pull off such a glitzy look come party time?

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