Wednesday, June 20, 2012


You may or may not know that my actual first name is Josephine. For anyone who attended class with me, you'll recall the teacher calling out Josephine at roll call and me sheepishly responding "I go by Anna, actually". I never actually went by Josephine; my parents started calling me Jo-Anna from birth, with the 'Jo' dropping off at kindergarten. Apparently the kindergarten teacher asked me my name, I told her it was Anna and she mentioned this strange occurrence to my mother when she came to pick me up that day. I still recall the conversation that took place: my mother, considerate as she is, asked me if I would prefer to be called Anna. I remember not being too fussed but said yes, for whatever reason. And it stuck. This afternoon, after a little blowout at Napoleon, I think the Josephine in me has made an appearance. You see, Empress Josephine (Napoleon Bonaparte's first wife) was a brunette, notorious spendthrift and had a love of roses. I think today I tick all three of those boxes.

Today's buys included my very favourite skin primer Auto Pilot ($55.00); Mosaic Powder in Gleamer - perfect as a highlighter - ($60.00); and the silky, light and wonderful Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation - I got Look #2 for my natural, un-tanned skin - ($69.00).You can get all these fantastic products in Napoleon stores or online

If you're a Napoleon cosmetics lover like myself, let me know what your favourite products are. Are there any 'must haves' that I'm missing out on?

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