Monday, July 30, 2012


Once our maxi taxi arrived, the "kids" unanimously decided to keep the party going at Brunswick Street, a popular destination for both day and night in Melbourne. It's a place that's full of soul - cafe's, restaurants, bars and great vintage and alternative shopping. We spent most of the night at a truly exciting and naughty little place called Naked for Satan. As soon as I arrived, I jumped up and down with glee - what a cool place this was! Funky, sexy art adorns the walls and menus and there's a huge selection of infused vodkas and pintxos - tapas on toothpicks.  
See those big pots up there? They're each full of different flavours of vodka. Heaven! After um-ing and ah-ing, I settled on a strawberry vodka with a mixer of lemonade before joining the rest of the crew and posing with the nudes:
A few very game members of the crew knocked back shots of Centerba, a liquer that's approximately 70% alcohol...
Sophie's face says it all:
We haven't had a picture of all of us siblings together in many years, so we took a bundle that night. Which do you think is the best?
As the bar started to quieten, we knew we had two options: go home or go dancing. We chose the latter, and found the perfect place to get our groove on. La Sangria is the kind of place that actually encourages its patrons to dance on the bar. With a mix of pop hits and international favourites such as That's Amore, Volare and even The Chicken Dance, nobody can resist the dance floor or the bar:

The part I loved most about La Sangria, apart from the brilliant, fun energy, was the fact that the place was so damn old style! The night was run by two old guys: one manned the bar, the other took care of the CD player (yes, that's right - no DJ or mp3's here). It felt as relaxed and unpretentious as the best house party with your closest friends and we really didn't want to leave!
But alas, the music stopped and my feet began to hurt so we hailed a cab and headed for the comfort of our hotel room. Great food, drinks, family, friends and loved ones made this a night that's going to stay in my memory for a very long time to come...

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