Monday, July 30, 2012


After arriving in Melbourne and catching up with my siblings for most of the day, we checked in to our hotel. The InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto is located on Collins Street - one of Australia's finest streets - and is walking distance from the city's best shopping, culinary institutions and nightspots...

By the time we'd settled in, however, the only thing on our minds was sleep and food. It was cold outside and this big bed was beckoning...

Pyjamas on, bedding turned down, I placed the call to room service and we filled our tummies with these goodies before calling it a night:

The next day, we had presents and a few last minute beauty items to buy so we made a dash to Chadstone (THE. BEST. SHOPPING. MALL. EVER.) I didn't bring my camera there, but I'm sure most Australians are aware that it's a major must-see shopping destination. If shopping's your thing and you're visiting Melbourne, you simply must go there!

We dashed back to the hotel so we could unload our purchases and catch up with my siblings for a quick stroll into town. Within minutes of leaving our hotel, we found ourselves smack-bang in the middle of the city. There's so much to take in visually - the architecture is just one thing that'll take your breath away.

This lady took in the sights by way of horse and carriage. These carriages are all over the city - you won't miss them:

We decided to brave the rain and take on Melbourne by foot. Key on the agenda was sourcing a coffee in one of Melbourne's famous little laneways.

We happened upon Sensory Lab, a place that wasn't there when I lived in the Garden State. It's nestled in Little Collins Street, at the back of David Jones. I was obsessed with the decor, lively atmosphere and the trendy baristas and waitstaff. You can order inside if you plan on sitting down, but for those of us who wanted to pick up a coffee and keep on strolling, you pop around to the window outside and let the guys know what you're after:

Suitably caffeinated, it was back to the hotel and time to kit up for the night ahead... 


  1. Hi Anna
    Mum here, sitting at the Barn in Mount Gamiber, having stolen Dad's computer for the day, am I glad I did? I had a walk around your blog and what a lovely journey that was, your photography is amazing, I laughed at some of them, cried at some, had moments where my heart swelled with pride, ( family ones in Melbourne). Your style of writing, I love, I leave my own head for a wee while and its like I am taken a little walk somewhere else for a time, always somewhere pleasant too!. I look forward to the next time Dad doesnt notice his computer is missing... Mum xx

    1. Awww thanks mum. Your comment makes me really happy. Hope you are having fun in the Mount. I'm trying to get over round two of a yukky cold. Wish you were here xxxx


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