Monday, July 30, 2012


This weekend, James and I travelled to Melbourne to celebrate the engagement of my little sister and her wonderful partner, Dan. As the girl who cannot sit for an extended period of time, getting to Melbourne was going to be difficult. Sitting on a one hour plane flight was out of the question, so we decided to go old school and travel by train - in a sleeper carriage, of course! We decided it would be an exciting and convenient trip - we'd cosy up in our beds, the train would travel throughout the night and we'd wake up in our destination the next morning. Perfect!
It was night time when we made our way to Central Station...

We felt like characters in a Harry Potter book, especially when we boarded our carriage:

We were well looked after by CountryLink, with toiletry packs, snacks and towels waiting for us in our carriage. I wasn't so sure I could manage to take a shower in a moving train, though! 
We were two very happy travellers.

Staff were kind and attentive, taking our orders for dinner and breakfast and showing us how to turn our carriage into a bedroom: 

We talked well into the night and peered out the windows excitedly to see what the spaces and places between Sydney and Melbourne looked like. When towns turned into countryside, streetlights disappeared and the world outside grew dark, we closed our eyes and slept until we were awoken for breakfast and the promise that we'd soon be at our destination...


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