Monday, July 23, 2012


We're going on a trip to Melbourne this weekend to celebrate my little sister's engagement so it was absolutely vital that I invested in some new pieces to wear in the stylish city. As Melbourne is so cold compared to Sydney, it's going to be jeans weather so I bought some ankle boots and flats to spruce up my existing wardrobe:

The ballet flats are the 'Simba' by Siren from Wanted Shoes, the boots are the 'Brendan' from Wittner. Next stop for us was Marcs, where James picked up a cosy knit and I stumbled across the perfect handbag. I had been searching high and low for over a year for a gorgeous black bag but the ones I loved were either far too expensive or a little too cheap looking. Behold the 'Olivia' bag. She's beautiful, soft, roomy and and very well-priced at $249.00. I signed up as a Marcs member and got it for $25 less. Steal!

This is the snuggly, lovely jumper James chose. He wears navy blue like no-one else!

Another of the day's purchases was a pair of leggings from Lorna Jane. They have a fantastic collection of workout gear and the 'LJ Unite 3/4 Tight' is one of my very favourite styles:

All in all, I think I did very well. It had been a while since I had a good clothes shopping spree and my mind is still ticking over about other items I can buy to bring my wardrobe to life! Perhaps I'm best waiting til I get to the fashion capital this weekend...

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