Wednesday, July 11, 2012


1. Coffee from Sonoma. Theirs is the very best in the neighbourhood. And their almond croissants are like nothing else. I shouldn't know that.

2. Sending parcels. It was mum's birthday at the end of last month and I (belatedly) put together a little gift pack for her. I framed a gorgeous picture of her and dad, threw in a bottle of Chanel Chance, perfumed candle from Jaye Niemi and a posh fragranced soap!

3. Books. I'm reading one, sometimes two each day. I'm grateful to have the time on my hands to allow me to indulge one of my favourite pastimes. This is a new one to the bookshelf - it's got many a critic singing its praises. I might need to start reading it soon as many of the books I've read lately, though brilliant, have been a little on the sad side.

4. New oil products - Moroccan Oil hair treatment and Trilogy Rosehip Oil for my face. The Moroccan Oil treatment has my hair feeling soft and renewed; the Rosehip Oil promises to improve fine lines, dryness, scarring and other damages. It's on many a beauty editors list of must haves and, after watching my spots disappear and skin tone improve with a Jojoba Oil cleanser, I'm thinking that I can't go wrong adding this oil to the mix.

5. Puppies. I have a romantic idea of a playful pup to cuddle up to, go walkies with and swoon over as it does cute puppy things. I'm asking myself: Should we get one? Will it be a welcome addition to our loving home or will I lose interest once it gets big and I realise it's not a toy but a living thing with needs that I am responsible for? Have I changed since childhood, where I always broke promises to my parents that if I got a puppy I would look after it and they wouldn't have to?

6. Him. Not just this week, but always.

... What products/experiences/people/places/things are you loving this week? And do you think I should get a puppy?

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