Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A couple of days ago, I turned 26. I still can't believe it. I know many people would still consider me young but my mind is telling me I'm now actually closer to thirty than twenty, closer to forty than ten (which still doesn't feel that long ago to me). I know this may sound dramatic but believe me, I'm not disappointed to be growing older. I think I'm just realising how fast the years tick by and how important it is to savour every moment I'm given on this earth. We're never as hard on our 'past' selves as we are on our 'present' selves and so I'm hoping I can be a little more kind to myself, never lose sight of what matters and not waste my time on thoughts or things that will not matter to me in another twenty six years' time.

My 26th birthday was beautiful. My beloved took a whole day off work to be with me, which was a dream come true for me. I never want our weekends to end and I often say "I wish it was a public holiday tomorrow", so having Monday with him was such a welcome surprise. He handed me a gorgeous card and two fantastic gifts as soon as I woke up:

I can't wait til December. We'll be sitting in the sun amidst the vines as we sip on a local offering and enjoy watching a superstar do his thing. Bliss! And what about a new addition to the family?! We searched high and low for a puppy that day but weren't in luck. We have decided not to buy a dog from a pet shop so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a chihuahua or pomeranian breeder who can help us expand our brood! If you know any in NSW, let me know!

Mum and Dad sent me these gorgeous flowers, teddy bear and chocolates. It's so exciting to hear the doorbell ring and be greeted with such an impressive bouquet!

After our long search for a puppy that took us miles and miles away from home, we stopped for a late lunch at Harry's Cafe de Wheels for a couple of Tiger Pies in the Woolloomooloo sun!

My brother and his fiance put together this cake with my initials on it and uploaded the picture to facebook. What a great way to celebrate someone's birthday when you can't physically be there!

Because of the recent microdermabrasion session that left my face peeling, I decided to postpone any immediate dinner plans. This turned out to be the best decision as 1. I got to cosy up in bed with the gorgeous one and 2. I discovered that ALL my current favourite shows were on that night. We also put on our Breaking Bad DVD to find that it's getting so much more exciting with every episode... I'm seriously addicted to that show now! My Cheat's Cake was almost demolished by the time we called it a night but who counts calories on their birthday, right?

Another year, another perfect birthday!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! Happy birthday for your day and that is so exciting that you are getting a puppy!!!
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

    1. Thanks Emilie!
      I know... I am excited about adding to the 'family' - here's hoping I'll be a good owner and train it well!

  2. Looks like you have a lot of loving people around you!

  3. I turned 26 some weeks ago, too, and I feel exactly the same as you! Such a weird feeling, but not bad, just a lot is changing for me now! :) Happy belated Birthday!!!



  4. Happy late birthday! Just found your blog and I love it! Following you! Love for you to check mine out too!

  5. :D Happy Birthday! I don't know how I'll feel at 26 but I hope I've accomplished way more than I have now. It looks like you had a wonderful day and I hope you find that puppy/dog of your dreams :) I can't wait to see photos.

    Castle Fashion

    1. Thanks Yasmeen,
      I am sure you will achieve much by 26 if you want to!
      And re: the puppy - if I find the puppy of my dreams this blog will almost certainly turn into a dog blog. Hope that's cool with you?

  6. Have you got a named picked out for the puppy - I like Elsa

  7. Been on your blog for a while now. Love reading it Anna, enjoyed your birthday one and girl's night out. You look so beautiful. Mammy


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