Monday, August 20, 2012


It's my birthday today so I think an appropriate post for today is a reeeeeally awesome chocolate "cake" recipe. My Australian readers will already be familiar with this easy-peasy dessert - it's a favourite at many an Aussie BBQ or get-together. Known as the 'Chocolate Ripple Cake', it gets its name from the famous 'Chocolate Ripple' biscuits that are used in the recipe. I've decided to do a new spin on this classic by adding raspberry to the mix: a cheat's version on the Black Forest, if you will.

Here's what you need:

1x 500g packet of plain chocolate biscuits/cookies. I used Arnott's Choc Ripple
600mL cream 
2 tbsp Caster Sugar
Raspberry Jam
Chocolate (such as Flake) 

First, whip your cream and sugar until stiff

Spread some cream along the bottom of a serving tray to make your base

Spread a biscuit with raspberry jam...

Then spread a tablespoon of the cream on top

Repeat the process, placing the biscuits in a row along the platter

Keep on going 'til you've used up half of the biscuits, then make a second row alongside the first one

Then, use the remaining cream to coat the top and sides of your creation. 

Cover and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, you might find that the biscuits have absorbed a lot of the cream and the biscuits are showing through (I did) - whip up some more cream and coat the cake again. Then top with chocolate shavings and raspberries, like so:

When it comes time to serve, the biscuits will have absorbed a whole lotta moisture, taking on a heavenly, incredibly moist chocolate cake consistency. When serving, the cake is best sliced on an angle, like I've done here:

The awesome part about this recipe is that it's so hard to get it wrong. If you're interested in going all out with the chocolate, instead of doing the raspberry thing like I have here, chop up a couple of your favourite chocolate bars and add them to the cream filling... The possibilities are endless!


  1. Happy birthday! Love your blog. More posts please!!

  2. This looks delish! I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  3. Oh Zanka, there's only a third of the cake left (and only two of us in the house) - it is truly scrumptious!
    I have had a fantastic birthday, thank you!

  4. Oh delicious!!! This makes me want to go eat the cake sitting in the fridge for my son!!!! LOL

    Follow each other???

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    1. Haha go on, have a slice! Everyone needs a treat once in a while!

      Certainly! (re: following)

  5. That cake looks delicious!


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