Friday, August 17, 2012


Was it just me or did everyone have a sudden hankering to visit London after seeing coverage of the Olympic Games? While I couldn't be there this summer, I sent for a piece of London to come to me. This stunning dress arrived in the post yesterday - it's an Oasis beauty from their exclusive London Love Letters collection. 

The pattern on the dress is from illustrator Lizzie Prestt and despicts some of London's most celebrated landmarks. It's the clothing version of a postcard and has me wishing I was there! It's available via ASOS and actually comes with a gorgeous pewter belt but because I'm so matchy-matchy when it comes to belts and shoes, I chose to wear an identical belt in black.

A pretty dress to take me through summer, innit? 


  1. I just wanted to make a comment to let you know, I found your blog through Lifestyled I think? and I love it already! I've trawled through the archives and it's just so good, I just wanted to add my comment to keep you posting more and more entries. I did want to know, on your walks, your exercise, do you often wear make up? How does that go?
    But such good writing, great photos, beautiful couple, all great! I've had to go with anonymous because I don't have a blog and all that stuff.
    But my name's Kate :-)

  2. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for your truly lovely comment, it made my morning! I love blogging but it's so great when someone enjoys what you blog about.
    About the makeup/exercise thing... Well, this is going to sound terrible but I am very guilty of wearing makeup during exercise. If I have gotten ready and made up in the day, I don't even think about taking my makeup off to go to the gym or a walk in the afternoon. If I know I am going to break a serious sweat, I won't like make up on as it all ends up in my eyes - painful! I normally only wear a little concealer and light powder on my skin most days and wash my face after exercise so breakouts haven't been a big issue for my skin. If it's a first thing in the morning exercise session, I don't bother with makeup.
    Sorry for such a long winded answer and thanks for saying hi!
    Anna x

  3. Such a cute dress! If you can't make it to London then wearing its illustrations on your dress is a great alternative : )!!

    Have a lovely Tuesday!

    MB x (a London dwelling girl!)



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