Friday, August 31, 2012


A dramatic change to the Lust Have It box this month was the fact that the products didn't come with a case this time round... and thank goodness for that! On top of receiving toiletry bags with every second magazine purchase as well as on birthdays and Christmases, I was also getting them on a monthly basis from Lust Have It. It feels so wrong to throw them out but they are starting to take over my bathroom cupboards! If you've got any suggestions on recycling this type of product, please enlighten me! But back to the box...

I have read a few not-so-positive reviews about this month's box but methinks people's disappointment stems from the box not matching their personal tastes, rather than it being an issue of product quality. For instance, this tan removal glove (which also doubles as a make up remover) from tanGo retails at double the price of a monthly delivery from Lust Have It so if you're a tanner (like me) this is undoubtedly value for money:

I enjoy the creative colour schemes that beauty box companies manage to come up with and this blue bottle of Tigi Rockaholic Rock Out Shine Blaster caught my eye. It promises supreme shine and temporarily masks split ends. I used too much first go and my locks were a tad oily but, as with all shine boosters, it's most effective when used sparingly, which I managed to do the second time around! It does the job well and smells good enough to eat:

I also received a few hotel-sized samples of Appelles skin products: Detox Shower Gel, Body Booster Skin Lotion and Body Bar Vegetable Soap. My excitement about this product was more about discovering a new brand than the product itself. They're sweet-smelling and the packaging is kind of cute but with all the body moisturisers I'm getting from beauty boxes, I'll hardly need to go shopping for them any time in the near future. This isn't so good for brands hoping to gain customers after featuring their products in beauty boxes!

There had been a lot of news surrounding the release of Marc Jacobs' Dot fragrance recently, so I was very excited to be able to sample it myself instead of heading to the shops for a spritz. If you liked Daisy or similarly fresh fragrances like those from DKNY, then this will be your bag. I'm not rushing out to buy it, but I suspect it'll be a hit nonetheless:

Another full-sized product that retails at almost double the price of the box itself was this ModelCo Eyeliner in black. I use a liner on a daily basis and go through them at lightning speed, so I was most grateful to see this inclusion in the box. And did I mention it comes with an IN-BUILT SHARPENER/LID? Fantastic for the girl who is fastidious about never losing her sharpener. Don't tell me you haven't been there: sharpener disappears and you're left cursing as you pick the wood from around the kohl in a poor attempt to reveal at least a smidgen to line your eyes with! It glides on smooth and stays put. A winner in my book:

You know what I'd love to know? If you were to put together the IDEAL BEAUTY BOX, what products would you include?


  1. This looks like a nice box :) I alos got a sample of Dot in one of my Dutch boxes. My perfect box would probably be full of body products made by niche brands. I love trying out new stuff.

  2. Hi, You can always drop of spare toiletry bags to women's shelters, or emergency accommodation for children.


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