Monday, September 24, 2012


Just like the famous lion after whom she was named, our Elsa just wants to do her own thing. I can't hold her in my arms for long before she's squirming and fighting 'til I put her on the ground. And though she's well toilet trained, she loves the feeling of our soft carpet underfoot as she does her business and will usually do this when she sees we aren't looking. I've gotta hand it to her - she's pretty bright! Finding her in one of her sedate moods, I took advantage of the moment and managed to get a few photos of the two of us. 

Can you see how much she has grown? Her coat is also starting to get longer and fluffier and currently she's got every heart in the suburb melting. Every second person stops to hold her and she laps up the attention, scrambling out of my arms and licking them all over. I ought to muzzle her, the little flirt!

Isn't she a dream?


  1. Hi Anna, I saw your blog at Bloggers community. It that your pet? So tiny and cute! I see that you are also at BLogLovin. I'll follow you there. Keep in touch! xoxo


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