Friday, October 12, 2012


Over a month ago, we welcomed a little ball of fluffy, melt-your-heart cuteness into our home. A long-haired chihuahua that squeaked instead of barked, bounced rather than ran and stole our hearts from the minute we saw her. For the first few nights, she howled so much we feared we (and our neighbours) would never know the meaning of a good night's sleep again. My hypochondriasis started to focus itself on her and I'd panic at the smallest thing - if she seemed sleepier than usual I'd convince myself that her lethargy was a sign of something sinister, forgetting that puppies are known to sleep a lot. When she coughed, I'd trace our movements in my mind - could that dog she encountered in the street have been carrying a deadly virus? I even took her to the vet to double-check and, after a full examination, he told me the coughing sound she makes sometimes is typical of the Chihuahua breed and nothing to worry about. Of course, I'd been told this by the breeder when we first bought her but somehow my mind always leaps to the worst case scenario in situations like these.

I suppose what it all boils down to is that I'm absolutely, head over heels for this little pup. And I think the neighbourhood feels the same way. Everywhere she goes, people stop and coo over her, which suits her just fine - she's the most sociable little thing you'll ever meet! She bounds up to strangers, tail wagging and so full of excitement that she can't contain herself (yes, 'accidents' are common in this situation). Her favourite thing is getting her belly rubbed and there's no shortage of passers by who are willing to oblige. She's got her technique down to a T: she wriggles between their feet, encouraging them to give her a pat, then she slowly rolls herself over, exposing her adorable little pot belly for a tickle. It's the cutest, funniest and most opportunistic thing you'll see!

She's also at school now and though she's the tiniest in the class, she's up there with the cleverest of them. She can now sit and lie down on command and obeys "drop it", "leave it" and even comes when called. Well, sometimes. I love puppy training as much as she does, even though she's the only one getting a treat out of it! We've learned that she's kind of 'trained' us too. For instance, she knows not to gnaw at shoes but if she's not getting the attention she craves, she quietly picks up a shoe and starts chewing at it right in front of us. And what do we do? We rush to her and call out "NO!" For her, any attention is good attention and in her mind, she's got what she wanted!

I could write for hours on the subject of little Elsa but I'll spare you (this time, at least). I thought I'd share a few recent pictures of her and what a 'big' girl she's getting to be.


  1. I want MORE photos of her...she's very sweet. How big will she be when she's full grown?

  2. Nawwww she is ridiculously adorable! I can see why you love her to pieces!
    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  3. She is just too cute!! Congrats to her on doing so well in school!! I'm the same way about my little dog, every time she coughs or whines I worry something is deadly wrong!


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