Saturday, October 27, 2012


According to the gospel of Wikipedia, one of the virtues of the mule is that it is comparatively stronger than a horse of similar size. Like the mule animal, the Moscow Mule has the ability to harbour considerable alcoholic strength, but you wouldn't know it because the ginger and lime does a magical job of disguising the taste of the alcohol. No post-gulp wincing with this dirty concoction! Seeing as it's summer this side of the globe, I thought I'd marry this classic mixer with a quintessential summer beverage, the Slurpee. Behold the Moscow Mule Slurpee!

To fill a 600mL glass, as I have done, you will need:

500mL Ginger Beer, frozen in ice cube trays (you'll need roughly 2 trays)
50-100 mL vodka (remember 50mL is 1.6 standard drinks!)
1-2 limes, squeezed

First of all, you will need to freeze your ginger beer (NOT IN THE BOTTLE!!!) for a few hours, or overnight to make sure they're well and truly frozen.
Once frozen, add the cubes, lime juice and vodka in a blender until the ice is thoroughly crushed.

Pour and serve.

Выпьем за то, чтобы у нас всегда был повод для праздника!
Roughly translated: May we always have a reason for a party! (My Russian readers can feel free to correct me on this one!)

Enjoy responsibly.


  1. Oh, I love this! It's like a frozen limeade with a surprise.

  2. I want to make this so bad although the weather is so bad over here I think I'll have to turn the heating full blast before I attempt to drink them!!


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