Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If it wasn't for Breaking Bad, I would still be in a depressive state after the season finale of The Sopranos. I was addicted to Twin Peaks many moons ago and never thought I'd find another series that would glue me to the television like it did. That was until my brother introduced me to The Sopranos. He warned me I'd be crushed when it ended but that Breaking Bad would be a worthy replacement. As the end of BB draws closer, I can feel the loss and sadness creeping in already. I know these tees from Skreened won't take the blues away but, like merchandise from a rock gig, they serve as a reminder of what a great experience I had watching them.

Did you love The Sopranos and Breaking Bad as much as I did? Are there any similarly awesome, addictive and intelligent TV shows out there that I can watch next?!


  1. Have yet to watch the 5th season! Hm, I was addicted to LOST and currently am with MAD MEN.

  2. Me too! I am really looking forward to it. How much more bad can Walt get?!
    I was also addicted to Lost but then stopped. Must watch Mad Men - I hear lots of great things about it!

  3. Love those t-shirts, they look awsome!

  4. totally addicted to breaking bad!


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