Saturday, November 17, 2012


After some pretty shoddy weather lately, I was determined to get outside and enjoy the sun while it lasted. We trotted along to Thomas Dux to pick up some of their declicious fresh sushi (prepared right in front of our eyes) before making our way to Rushcutter's Bay. As always, sweetheart carried all the bags. Such a gentleman.

I then basked in the sun like a sleepy cat and started reading J.K Rowling's latest novel while James watched a nearby cricket game.

Feeling a little too close to dozing, we decided to go a walk up to Elizabeth Bay to have a coffee at the Bird and Bear Boathouse. I'd walked past it a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to stop in for a coffee at the next available opportunity. It's a quaint little place set upon the marina and commanding the kind of water views that Sydney does best. This is where you ought to take visitors when you really want to show them what Sydney's made of.

And, for the record, the coffee was excellent too! (I hear good things about their breakfast as well)...

With caffeine coursing through our bloodstreams, we powered through the neighbouring streets, admiring the French Riviera-esque scenery and imagining how we'd decorate our mansion once we'd won our windfall. Bougainvillea is a must for the landscaping, don't you think?

So that was my Saturday... I've gotta say it's nice to be back in the blogosphere - please leave your links so I can catch catch up on all that you're up to! Any exciting plans for the weekend?

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