Saturday, November 24, 2012


This week has been a very exciting one for the Eastern suburbs. Wednesday marked the beginning of the inaugural Kings Cross Festival, a festival to celebrate the character of 'The Cross'. We set off for walkies with Elsa and stopped by for some grub and entertainment.

 Everything jumped out at us so it was hard to make a choice. I settled on a coconut, mango and banana smoothie and paella, James had a bratwurst.

Over brunch, we enjoyed some fantastic cover artists and comedians. The seats started filling up very quickly as midday ticked by, with tonnes of people lining up for food and soaking up the sun like we did.

Elsa wasn't the only Chihuahua enjoying the festivities...

We took a stroll down to the water at Beare Park after lunch. There was supposed to be a doggie dress up contest at a community picnic that was part of the festival but we think we got there too early. Never mind, Elsa didn't have a costume anyway. She was more than happy to pose with us...

We continued along to Rushcutter's Bay before heading home so Elsa could eat her lunch.

She's currently sleeping but if she wakes up soon, we'll likely head back down to the festival to catch some more live music and sunshine. 

You should know there is HEAPS of stuff going on today and tomorrow (the festival's final day), such as: walking tours that take you on a journey into the X's seedy past, pop-up-shops, awesome music acts (such as Sneaky Sound System) playing in local venues, special culinary events and even groovy stuff like Flamenco dancing and storytelling events. Don't miss out! For more, click here or simply turn up to the main drag, grab a festival guide and take it from there!

Hope to see you there!

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