Sunday, December 30, 2012


This year was my second Christmas at James' parents house and 
I was reminded just how lucky I am to have in-laws who have warmly welcomed me into their family. On Christmas morning, I could have cried. Beside enormous stockings laid out for their sons was an equally humungous stocking just for me, inside it dozens of carefully selected gifts. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was very much a family affair, with lovingly prepared meals, entertaining conversation and lots of time spent together in between. I absolutely love being at James' parents house and hope one day to replicate the beautiful family Christmas his mum and dad put on year after year. Here's some pictures I managed to take on Christmas day:

It's now time for us to pack our bags for Melbourne and South Australia to see my family. I'll keep you posted on everything we get up to while we're down there! 

...What are your plans for the New Year?


  1. Awesome! glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Here's hoping you have a Happy New year too!!


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