Tuesday, December 18, 2012


When we're busy having fun, we tend to let our exercise goals sit on the backburner for a while. It can always be put off for another day especially when we're on holidays. When we get together, me and my sister spend so much time talking that before we know it it's the middle of the afternoon and we haven't even gotten out of our pyjamas. Today we decided we'd get into our exercise gear straight away and take the conversation outside. There was so much to catch up on and all the chat meant neither of us noticed the kilometres we were clocking up. Suffice to say, we went well over our normal daily exercise quota without even noticing. Pat on the back for us!

My top: Lorna Jane / Rachel's top: Adidas

Rachel's now zonked out on the couch and I'm going to start preparing for tonight's dinner - barbecued steak with salad, in case you were wondering. Obviously I'm well and truly in holiday mode now! Are you on holidays yet? If so, what have you been up to?

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