Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HELLO 2013!

After rushing back from Newcastle after Christmas, unpacking our bags and doing load after load of washing, we were ready to make our way to Melbourne to see in the New Year.

As travel sick dogs go, they don't get much worse than Elsa so we were really nervous about taking her on the flight with us. Luckily, she got through it okay (despite looking a little gaunt in the face) and had forgotten about the whole ordeal by the time we reunited her with her cousin and new BFF, Elphin.

After an early night, a little bit of booze shopping and a relaxing day sightseeing, we were ready to bring in the new year. We're more than a bit obsessed with Pimms at the moment and put together a jug to kick off our little gathering.

Bit by bit our guests arrived - a few of Rachel and Alex's friends turned up, as did my longest-serving friend, Emily (she's the stunner on the far right in the first photo). 

Why so serious, Alex? (P.S. He has an awesome new blog you simply must visit!)

For the rest of the evening, we chomped...



And took in the view from my little sister's lovely abode...

Before we knew it, it was midnight and we all raced onto the balcony for what was arguably one of the best views of Melbourne's fireworks display.

We didn't stay up too long after the fireworks as some of our little partiers had work the following morning, but some of us girls managed to uphold tradition and dance around to Auld Lang Syne...

I don't think there's a warmer, more intimate way to bring in the new year than with those you love the most. I still don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to my siblings in the coming days when I need to return to Sydney!

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