Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Usually the words "bar food" have a negative connotation for me. Too tough or fatty steaks, oversized chicken parmagianas and horribly chunky chips are what I have come to expect when it comes to eating in most bars. Our trip to Melbourne in the new year totally obliterated all my ideas about what constitutes pub food these days. We ate in a number of bars across the city and every single time were more than pleasantly surprised at what was on offer. The bar at Ludlow Bar & Dining Room was one of my favourite dining experiences in the Garden State and should be an example to other bars who want to offer a food menu as inspired as the cocktail menu! It was just about to turn dark when we left the apartment to walk to the riverside...

We settled in at a seat by the open windows and soaked up the atmosphere created by a truly talented band that was busking outside. Don't you love a summer night when live music is involved?

We perused the menu and decided on the Eggplant Chips and House Dips as starters. Now, you should know that normally I steer clear of house dips (because they are usually so boring they send me straight to sleep) and my sister has an aversion to the very idea of eggplant. Both of us discovered a brand new love that night at Ludlow! While I skipped the bread (and instead used the dips for my perfectly fried eggplant chips), the rest of the crew were bowled over by the freshly baked flat bread. The fresh hummus and baba ghanoush were that good I used my finger to scrape the bowl at the end, classy girl I am!

We also tucked in to a couple of Pimms Jugs but it's well known that the cocktail menu is not-to-be-missed!

For dinner, I chose a lighter option - a delicious chopped salad - but had a few bites of James' incredible fish and chips!

Alex ordered the lamb skewers which were so succulent and tender I know next time I will be ordering them for myself. Thankfully my little brother is very generous when it comes to sharing food, so I got to enjoy a decent portion that night!

Let's talk about the dessert... Marshmallows and Spanish Doughnuts with a chocolate sauce no-one could blame you for drinking straight from the jug. Food porn that tastes as good as it looks!

We took a walk along the river after dessert because, as some of you will know, Melbourne at night is nothing short of magical...

Those fairy lights make me want to start waltzing in the street!  

Have you been to Melbourne? Isn't it just dreamy?! Did you eat your way around the city like we did?

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  1. It all looks divine! Can't wait to go to melbourne in the next few months...

    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights


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